Karl Hahn is a both a cinematographer with a brilliant commercial vision, and a still photographer with a unique perspective on the world around him and an ability to catch glimpses of joy and beauty in unexpected places. Raised in the town of Media, Pennsylvania, Karl Hahn seemed destined for film from the outset. After years of shooting diving competitions in the backyard swimming pool, Karl attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City . He started his career in film production in New York City, paying his dues as a production assistant, but was able to begin camera assisting after completing courses at The Maine Photographic Workshop. He worked his way up to director of photography, shooting as a 2nd Unit DP on commercials. Working with high profile commercial companies, Karl continues to hone his craft as an award-winning director of photography shooting numerous commercials and the occasional documentary. He makes frequent trips around the country and the world from his home base in Los Angeles, documenting his travels with photographs that showcase his unique and intuitive view of the world.